Hanoi is not necessarily known for its ease of access or clearly marked roads. This can make finding cafes (or anywhere, for that matter) a bit of a challenge. Then again, that’s also part of the fun of discovering these hidden gems, and exactly why Hanoi Hideaway exists. So, to celebrate Hanoi’s charmingly covert café scene, we’ve put together a list of the most difficult cafés to find, as well as the key to finding them.

Xi Nghiep 2 is a rustic, bare bones café nestled within a maze of alleyways. Although the cafe is in a more convenient place than the original Xi Nghiep, it still takes some skill to find.


Cang Tin 109 is over some train tracks, round a lake and through a network of streets… and well worth the journey. It may take you a couple of trips around the block to discover this place but once you’ve found it, you can’t miss it.


Dinh Coffee can be found by zig-zagging through a number of suburban alleyways. After accidentally making your way into a few of the nearby houses, you’ll reach this beautiful courtyard where peace and quiet awaits.


Xoan can be reached by hopping through one of the two holes in the wall to a secret garden. Don’t get distracted by the front of the building, there’s much more to see for those willing to explore a little further.


Cuoi Ngo wins the top spot for most difficult café to find! The name translates to ‘end of the lane’ but it feels more like the end of the world!


So, what’s the secret to finding these secret spots? If you’ve been keeping up with Hanoi Hideaway on facebook this week then you’ll already know the answer! It’s really very simple… the new Hanoi Hideaway Map!

Download the Hanoi Hideaway Map here!

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