There is so much happening on the ground in Hanoi that sometimes you forget to look up. However, for those who dare to take their eyes off the pavement, they’ll find a number of open rooftops peaking over the edge of buildings. Take a few flights of stairs and you’ll find yourself with your head in the clouds at one of Hanoi’s delightful rooftops cafés.


Fika‘s rooftop may be rather simple to look at, but it does what a good rooftop should do: it gets you away from the street-level chaos with a delicious cuppa.


This rooftop is unashamedly all about the view. Co Ngu Quan has one of the best views over West Lake, especially at sunset. The café itself may be a bit outdated but the location makes up for it all.


There may not be a sprawling panoramic view of the city but there are a few sought after benches and delicious Chè. Lutu Lata is a great stop for those who prefer understated views, and we’d argue it’s just as good.


To Chim Xanh, or the bluebird’s nest, is exactly the cozy urban den you would imagine. There’s a small library corner, a live music performance area and the rooftop is the cherry on top of the cake.


If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned view, Trill Group has got the goods. This fancy rooftop not only has amazing views of the city and comfortable spots for lounging, it even has a swimming pool.


Last but not least, Eden has the sweet garden theme that you might imagine along with a stunning view as an added bonus. This rooftop looks directly on to the Old Quarter’s cathedral at a proximity you really can’t find anywhere else.

Explore the rest of our reviewed cafés on our brand new Hanoi Hideaway Map below.

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