The idea of frolicking through parks and sunshine in the glorious Hanoian summer may sound nice, but it’s much less appealing when the temperatures really start to rise. So, do yourself a favor, peel yourself from wherever you’re stuck and head to one of these cool cafés instead.


Large overhead fans, cool tiled flooring, fresh white walls, fruity iced teas – Cup of Tea has it all! Despite the desert cacti painted on the walls, you’ll feel as cool as a cucumber here.


Made up of a number of comfortably cool rooms, Fika has plenty of choice of places to escape the heat. Just avoid the rooftop where you could most certainly fry eggs on the steaming concrete…


Although a French bakery may not sound like a particularly cold place to be, O’Douceurs is surprisingly fresh and crisp, especially if you get a spot on the cool leather sofa!


This gleaming white café is a small safe haven from the Hanoian summer. Boyle’s boasts both strong air conditioning, minimal glaring sunlight and refreshing iced coffee – the perfect place to avoid that t-shirt tan.


Usually, most of the windows of De Joli are wide open, but in the Hanoian summer, the café takes things much more seriously… Tightly closed windows, powerful air conditioning, numerous fans oscillating and lots of ice in the drinks!


If there’s anywhere more blissfully cool than a fancy hotel lobby, it’s Zephyr. This Art Deco café has both the atmosphere and temperature of a  traditional hotel, minus the room charges.


In a place as high-end as The Lissom Parlour, the immaculate customers and staff look as if they’ve never sweated a drop in their life. Not to worry though, neither will you once you enter the perfectly chilled establishment.

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