You would be forgiven for assuming there are no peaceful places in Hanoi, but you’d be wrong! There are quite a few quiet spots to escape to – you just have to know where they are.


Head south of Hanoi and you’ll find Dinh Coffee coffee nestled on the outskirts of the city. In this peaceful spot, you can actually hear birds singing and watch the resident terrapin paddling in the pond. If that’s not serenity, what is?


Although Nola is right in the centre of the Old Quarter, it is surprisingly quiet. The labyrinth of houses and buildings surrounding it create rather successful sound-proofing, and the café even has a selection of art which can be enjoyed silently.


Booklink is a good drive out of Hanoi so it’s not one to pop to on your lunch break. However, the near silent surroundings and the fresh air are worth the drive alone.


Xoan is hidden behind a stack of buildings in Thanh Xuan. Dart down the alley and you’ll find a peaceful, multi level, cubby-hole cafe. Make sure you have a good look around before finally settling on somewhere to sit as there are plenty of options.


Like Nola, Fuku is slap-bang in the middle of the Old Quarter. Squeeze down the alleyway and you’ll find yourself in a café that feels a little bit like being in an underground bunker. Whether that’s your kind of peace and quiet is up to you!


Another sweet spot by West Lake, Nhac Xua is known for its fantastic old-fashioned music (both Vietnamese and foreign). Enjoy the tunes on a simple stool overlooking the water or inside along with a collection of unusual machines and electronics.


If you want some peace and quiet but don’t want to be bored silly, To Chim Xanh is the place to be. Wedged in the middle of a residential area, there’s plenty of people watching to be done, but no irritating noise.


Cuoi Ngo may just be ‘at the end of the lane’, as its name translates from Vietnamese, but it feels as if it’s at the end of the earth. If you appreciate the simple life, this café is perfect for you.

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