In a continent of youngsters that are increasingly turning to tasteless frapableebloos and sickly-sweet top-heavy muffins, Hanoi’s café culture has proven itself to be refreshingly resilient. Coffee houses unchanged for decades can still be found even in the priciest neighborhoods, sometimes tended to by ancient proprietors that are still charming even if they aren’t smiling. What’s more, the young and moneyed are funneling their (family) affluence into contemporary cafes, elegant tearooms and hip juice bars, which will impress even the most jaded international urbanite. Now extending far beyond the traditional cà phê nâu (traditional coffee with condensed milk), a plethora of marvelous creations are now served up across the city from belt-busting ice cream smoothies to sophisticated blends of the finest tea.

There is no excuse to settle for ordinary when the extraordinary is just around the corner.

But the refreshments served are rarely the only reason to visit. Hanoi is unquestionably gorgeous, and the emanating charm has seemingly inspired artistic and design-focused individuals to take bold risks in devising unique atmospheres. Meanwhile the aged decor of the traditional coffee houses become even more enchanting with each passing year.

Hanoi Hideaway is not here to give you a full review of each and every establishment in the capital. Instead, Hanoi Hideaway displays a selection of photos with (hopefully) just enough information for you to work out if this is what you’re after. It’s here to encourage you to hunt out these hidden spots for yourself, partake in your own mini-adventure, and make up your own mind.

Remember that there are thousands of coffee shops dotted all over Hanoi, so there is no excuse to settle for ordinary when the extraordinary is just around the corner.

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