A practical workspace with delicious drinks and a rather realistic office environment. 

Adapter may just be our new favorite workspace. (Sorry, Spacebar, we still like you too.) The café is partially made out of shipping containers which, at first, may seem like a bit of a gimmick, but the rest of the space is actually very practical. There are sturdy desks, plenty of plug points and real office chairs – yes, the ones with adequate back support and armrests! The WiFi is relatively reliable and there’s usually no music playing. During hot weather, there is also refreshingly powerful air conditioning and a few fans spread around the room. Better yet, there is plenty of office-appropriate wall art and a couple of inspirational quotes to almost give you the impression that you’re actually working at Google, not in Dong Da. And, there is a wide selection of delicious drinks, including a number of fresh teas.

At lunch time, expect some of the seating to be filled with hard-workers having (probably) well-earned naps, which can give a bit of a strange atmosphere to professional meetings. The volume also raises a little, with customers stopping for chats and music being turned on. Unlike cafés like Tranquil, quietness isn’t enforced, so you may want to go elsewhere if you need absolute silence to work. However, if you like the realism of being in an only partially productive office environment, Adapter is a good place to be.

Address: 41 Yen Lang, Thinh Quang, Dong Da

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