New kid on the block Antique Cafe brings a dazzling touch of the old world back to Hanoi’s French Quarter.

Bizarre and original cafes are opening up all the time in Hanoi, many of which are as questionable as they are adventurous, but Antique Cafe’s charm and appeal is undeniable. An incredible collection of western antiques that has been cultivated and cherished for more than a decade is reminiscent of an old English living room, with comfortable chairs and classical music to boot. As your eyes wander from one cluttered surface to the next, they can’t help but settle on one of the many tiffany style lamp shades that kitshly illuminate the space. It doesn’t really matter if you like the lamps or not as the overall effect is simply brilliant.

“Each and every piece has a story,” explain Peter and Jason, the enthusiastic owner-brothers. “We wanted to show a different side of the West- a side Hanoians may not be that familiar with.”

The semi-detached house itself is over a hundred years old and was originally built to accommodate French army generals. From the outside it may not be as striking as some other buildings in the area, but inside you’ll notice many original colonial features that play their part in contributing to the old world atmosphere. It is worth watching this space closely, as the brothers have plenty of ideas to help keep things interesting including traditional English high tea, wine tasting evenings, and live classical music.

2nd Floor, 10 Da Tuong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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