This miniature café is a hidden gem in an otherwise rather dreary alley, but the unexpected placement makes discovering it all the more rewarding.

Like many of Hanoi’s best cafés, AriKahfee is confined to just one room in a thin residential alleyway. Some of the décor is a little confusing, including cheerful coffee quotes painted on the walls combined with Games of Thrones-themed cushions, but somehow it works. What the spot does seem to marry successfully is traditional Vietnamese style with practical modernity. The cafe still has old-school patterned floor tiles and classic Vietnamese window bars but it also boasts sleek wooden furniture and a broad impressive coffee counter.

Located just off Nguyen Thai Hoc, AriKahfee is just a stone’s throw from Ly Van Phuc, otherwise known as Chicken Street. So, if you need an excuse to travel out to Ba Dinh, try an essential ‘pre-chicken coffee’. (Who knows, maybe it will catch on!) Or, if you’re looking for a little entertainment instead, the café staff did seem to have a rather comical Tom and Jerry-style relationship with a couple of resident rats.

No 6, Ngo 108A, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi


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