Over the bridge and far away, The Booklink Cafe is an unexpected place worth hunting out for its peaceful garden and creepy trees.

Most of Booklink is situated within a large courtyard that is shared between a kindergarten (weird) and a private home (even weirder?). The layout is inviting and the trees create atmosphere, while dirty light bulbs set the mood for the evenings. The cafe is book themed, and inside you’ll find a small library with cozy reading corners and mismatch artworks. You’ll likely be surrounded by nattering students from the nearby University of Forestry, which adds to the low-key atmosphere of the place. If it doesn’t feel like you’re in Hanoi anymore, it’s because you’re almost not. The border with Hung Yen Province is just a few kilometers away, as is Bat Trang ceramic village. It’s definitely worth the detour if you’re visiting Hanoi’s most popular craft village.

Address: see map above

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