Another weird little cafe carved into a multistory kind of French kind of colonial mansion? Yes, please.

What Hanoians manage to do with all these leftover French buildings never ceases to amaze. This particular structure is probably unrecognizable from how it would have originally looked, which probably won’t please the preservationists, but optimists should argue that this unusual morphing of architecture is one of the things that makes Hanoi so special. Working out what is original and what isn’t is all part of the fun of coming to Deci Dela.

The interior is kind of cheesy but it isn’t unpleasant, and the quarter circle glass windows (which are certainly not original) offer nice views of the street below. By far the best place to be, however, is the frighteningly high upper balcony and the secret rooftop terrace. Here you get a feel for how tall the magnificent trees in this part of the city actually are- notice that even though you are pretty high already, the trees still tower above you. Coffee isn’t bad, and there are even a few cakes.

Address: 18B Nguyen Bieu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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