A picture of peace and quiet, Đình Coffee (not to be confused with Đinh by Hoan Kiem Lake) might just be the closest you can get to serenity in the busy city of Hanoi.

Away from the hustle and bustle in the outskirts of south Hanoi, Đình Coffee can be found by zig-zagging through a number of suburban alleyways. The remote spot is essentially a large courtyard in front of a local Vietnamese home, but manages to emanate the aura of a spacious public park: wooden picnic benches and seats under white umbrellas channel the feeling of summertime. A small scenic pond and bridge create a centrepiece to the miniature haven. And, the resident terrapin can occasionally be spotted soaking up the sun on a rock.

One of the most appealing elements of Đình Coffee is the blissful quiet. Far away from the main road and the city centre, there’s little more to hear than the trickling water of the pond and low chatter of other café-goers. As with any suburban area in Hanoi, the peace may be occasionally interrupted by construction – it is Vietnam, after all! However, visit during napping hours and you’ll be sure to be met with nothing but silence. Rifle through the delicate handmade menu and you could easily find yourself staying at Đình Coffee all afternoon. The extensive drinks list has something for even the fussiest of drinkers, including an array of refreshing iced tea and juices.

Address: 68C Ngo 213 Giap Nhat, Thanh Xuan

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