A communist concept kindled by contemporary French flair characterizes Doc, one of the more noteworthy cafes situated on crowded Trieu Viet Vuong.

In the same vein as Xi Nghiep and Xi Nghiep 2, Doc has taken the unimaginably popular subsidy phase theme and made it their own, this time with cream colored walls and olive green shutters. Unlike the dark and cramped Cong original, which is far too close to be a coincidence, Doc is bright and spacious but somehow still cozy and intimate. The overall effect works well as the atmosphere remains calm but you still get a sense for the street life outside: hawkers will venture in selling all manner of trinkets and sweet snacks.

It may not really be độc (unique), at least not anymore, but this cafe is still different enough to be worth hunting out and spending a few laid-back hours. The imaginative and individual furniture make a nice touch and the menu is good. The television is redundant and the coffee is just adequate.

119 Trieu Viet Vuong, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi


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