After almost 80 years, family-run Duy Tri still serves the finest coffee in the city (along with incredible frozen yogurt) in unapologetically dated surroundings.

A visit to Duy Tri is somewhat of a right of passage for self-proclaimed Western coffee connoisseurs visiting Vietnam for the first time, as they make the transition from the hot bitterness of a frothy cappuccino to the chilled sweetness of a nâu đá. Interestingly, Duy Tri’s fabulous milk coffee is served with a little froth so if you’re still craving head then you’ll get it…

‘Since 1936’ proudly proclaims the faded sign that looms over the entrance. It might be disappointing to find that Duy Tri has only been at its current location since 2000, and that the cafe moved around the Old Quarter and French Quarter before landing itself in Tay Ho District. But when you consider that this resilient family business survived two devastating wars and an aggressive communist clamp down on private enterprise, a score short of a century is pretty good going.

The coveted tiny balcony is the place to be but you’d be extremely lucky (or early… think 6.30/7am) to get it. If it’s full, which it will be, stay on the ground floor surrounded by the delicious scent of grinding coffee beans. If coffee isn’t your thing, have one anyway as Duy Tri has been known to turn even the most adamant coffee haters. But order a glass of frozen yogurt as well, which can be equally as satisfying on a warm day.

Address: 43 Yên Phụ, Tây Hồ, Hanoi, Vietnam

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