Some might say this heavenly café is overshadowed by the Cathedral towering next door but we think that’s the best thing about Eden.

Despite its central location – next door to St. Joseph’s Cathedral and a few paces from Hoan Kiem Lake – Eden doesn’t seem to have been discovered by tourists. Maybe people are too busy staring in awe at the stunning 19th century church? …Or, maybe they’re all just squashed into the miniature Caphe Cong a few doors down? We’re not complaining though – all the more space for us!

Speaking of space, Eden may be the closest thing to a tardis in Hanoi. The hidden doorway is set back from the pavement, unimposing in comparison to the other buildings surrounding the cathedral square. But, once inside, the café is nothing short of huge. It has three floors, a large rooftop and even a couple of balconies. The array of seating areas range from wide armchairs to cozy sofas and cushioned floor-level nooks to laptop-appropriate desks.

The style of Eden is eclectic to say the least. The rooftop boasts a garden theme to match the café’s name, complete with false grass and menus on slices of wood, and an amazing view of the cathedral – even better than Hanoi House! The rest of the café hardly has a plant in sight, though. In fact, it looks more as if it’s straight out of Alice in Wonderland – which is not a bad thing, in our opinion.

Bright colors, gaudy patterns and giant murals cover every surface, and decorations include lots of wooden masks and a giant painting of a peacock. There’s no perceptible theme other than ‘BRIGHT’ but it does successfully cheer you up during Hanoi’s duller weather. More importantly, if you’re looking for somewhere to spend the day, Eden is incredibly comfortable – trust us, we tried every armchair in sight.

Address: 2 Nha Tho, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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