Saunter into FUKU, and you’ll see Hanoi is for those who hustle.

Where else can FUKU exist, but in this dizzying city? We made this video to celebrate Hanoi— past, present, and future— shaken and stirred into one intoxicating, suffocating, breathless cup of coffee.

Sip on FUKU’s specialty drink (secret ingredient: alcohol). Watch owner-craftsman Hà meticulously chisel his way into a trance, eyes focused on nothing else but the leather in his hands.

The thought will drip into your head whether or not you’re intruding in his one-man act of making and shaping. You’re not. Stay long enough to break the fourth wall. Step into his dream-state and make fine leather goods, too.

Time passes, or so it seems.

Exit to the alleyway. Your eyes will adjust to the light at the end of the tunnel. Fuku may be a dream, but Hanoi is real, waiting on the other side to take your breath away again.

By the time you hit the street, you flow back into the collective dream of the city, emerging with a little more hustle in your step.

Words and video by Hanoi Made.

Address: 107 Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem

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