Green Mug serves delicious and freshly prepared coffee. That’s why we are reviewing it.

It’s always a good sign when the subsequent and immediate action of ordering a coffee is the whirring of a coffee grinder. Far too many places in Hanoi grind and filter your coffee at an unspecified time days before your arrival, only to lazily serve it from a preprepared bottle once requested. Green Mug has been open for about a year, and every cup of coffee we’ve had here during that year has been freshly prepared, a delight made clear from the aromatic scent before you sip (as well as the whirring, obviously). Green Mug is a small place and this is a short post, from which you only need to take away one piece of information: the coffee is good because it’s freshly prepared. Go and see for yourself.

Address: 130 Pho Duc Chinh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi





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