Superb coffee and a lovely lakeside location draws an eclectic mix from the charming Truc Bach neighbourhood. 

Hopper Koffie enjoys a wide variety of loyal customers ranging from waistcoated gentlemen reading the papers to trendy expats knocking back their morning espresso. Enthusiasts of the black stuff can be found in almost all societal echelons and Hopper Koffie has developed an excellent reputation for both Vietnamese and western coffee. This reputation is brought home by the delicious aroma that hits you as you walk up from the street and enter through the the big glass door.

A coffee interlude-

If you order western coffee you will hear all the right sounds at Hopper Koffie: the grinding of the bean, the whirring of the machine and the steaming of the milk. They use Vietnamese coffee beans from the Central Highlands, which don’t usually lend themselves to a cappuccino or espresso, but here the final result is actually pretty tasty. For Vietnamese coffee they employ the traditional method of using a large filter and leaving it for hours to drip through. Then they repeat the process so that the coffee is filtered twice before storing it in a bottle and serving it when requested. Some of Hanoi’s best traditional coffee houses use this technique, which can go horribly wrong if not done properly and must be repeated each morning (storing the filtered product overnight sours the flavour). Luckily Hopper Koffie know what they are doing.

The atmosphere is comfortable and unpretentious, with that bizarre Vietnamese fondness for outdated holiday decorations (Wishing you a Happy Thanks Giving AND a Merry Christmas!). A quick glance around reveals that there isn’t really a coherent concept when it comes to the design (or the holiday season) but that matters little. The owners have obviously just put things up that they think look nice, and they do look nice, so who are we to complain? Outside they have a few tiny chairs which make a fine place to sit and enjoy this lovely little corner of Truc Bach.

Address: 116 Tran Vu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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