How to use this site

How to use this site

Using this site couldn’t be more simple.

If you’re looking for something/somewhere specific, we have categories according to location (separated into the different Hanoi districts) as well as taste categories (for your individual wants and needs).

For example, if you need a place to relax in Ba Dinh District you can use this category. If you’re searching for somewhere to work then you can use this category.

We have also mapped all of our Hideaways, which you can find here.

To get to our list of categories, go to the Hanoi Hideaway homepage and click on the symbol at the top right looking like this-

rs08tFinding your Hideaway by location

If you’re a visitor and/or on foot, then first check which district you’re in and then find it in our list of categories. Your hotel is likely to be in the Old Quarter which you can find here, or maybe the French Quarter which you can find here. If you’re a local, expat and/or have your own transport, then you’ll be able to go a little further afield. Traffic in Hanoi is still manageable and getting to any of our Hideaways from any part of the city shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Finding your Hideaway by taste

We have a range of taste categories that cover the different reasons people might want to visit a Hideaway. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to meet a big group of friends, somewhere that does cakes and snacks, or somewhere to which you can take your dog, we’ve got it covered.

Getting there

Each post has an embedded map which will show you how to get there. For our Hideaways that are really hidden, we will sometimes provide additional info in the articles or a link to another site so make sure you always read carefully. We also have one larger map with the locations of all our Hideaways, which you can find here.

Remember to keep checking the site for new posts as we update several times a month. Also if you have any additional information that might be of use to our users, please comment or email us on

Enjoy the site and we hope that you find your perfect Hanoi Hideaway spot.

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