This unique café has plenty of style but certainly isn’t lacking any substance, it’s packed to the brim with exotic caffeine.

Enter the glass-fronted café to the smell of fresh coffee beans and the sound of a clinking coffee machine. The shelves are filled with jars of aromatic blends of coffee from an array of places, and the counter is covered with unusual equipment and tools. In fact, it could easily be mistaken for a laboratory with such an array of scientific-looking filters.

If it wasn’t clear already, the size of the blackboard reflects just how serious Kafeville is about caffeine, with a drink to suit every taste. Try coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia and Guatemala, if you’d like something more exotic than your normal brew. Or, treat yourself to a classic Vietnamese coffee from a traditional coffee drip. There are also a variety of fruity teas and tons of organic brews on offer. It goes without saying, if you like trying new drinks, Kafeville is a great place to start.

The café itself is filled with minimal decor and surrounded by simple concrete walls. The large, red-framed window adds a splendid splash of color and offers a view of nearby interesting architecture, including a traditional Elementary School.

To add to this, the owner is passionate about his work, with recommendations to suit everyone. Time and precision go into every cup and can be tasted down to the last drop. For true caffeine enthusiasts, Kafeville is the real deal.

Address: 22 Nguyen Trung Truc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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