There is something distinctly European about the hanging pot plants and outward facing terrace chairs of Like Coffee, but the world outside is 100% Hanoi.

There are enough reasons to like Like Coffee, even if there may not be that many reasons to love it. The drinks are adequate, they serve whole coconuts which is a plus, the seating is comfortable enough, and the outside terrace is charming if a little noisy. The inside space is decidedly mediocre, so grab a table outside if you can.

But whether you are fond or not of the outside environment will probably be dependent on whether you love or loath Hanoi. While sitting on the wooden garden chairs amongst the smart phone wielding youths, avoid the temptation to stare at your own tiny screen and look outwards and upwards instead. Before your very eyes you will see many of the features that define Hanoi- street hawkers on bicycles, the constant buzz of countless motorbikes, and dusty construction around something inexplicable. That inexplicable thing is actually the Hanoi skytrain, set to change the city landscape forever.

At Like Coffee you get to see with your own eyes how the city is changing so rapidly. Next year, the street will look very different. In five years, it will be unrecognizable.

Adress: 32A Hao Nam, Dong Da, Hanoi



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