Occupying an upstairs space on slender Tho Nhuom Street is Lomo, a glass painting themed cafe with palette-shaped tables and one of the French Quarter’s broadest balconies.

It is just too easy to miss Lomo as you speed down Tho Nhuom preparing for the inevitable furor where Ba Trieu and Tran Hung Dao meet. But once you’ve spotted the outdated yellow sign on the right, park your bike on the left, and climb up the rickety wooden staircase- you’ll be surprised by what you come across. Or you would have been if you weren’t reading this review and looking at the pictures.

The inside space is pleasantly sparse with old wooden floor boards and faded French tiles, and the walls are somewhat brought to life with generic coffee quotes for you to read if you really have nothing else to do. Better to sit down at the work station and decorate a glass or head out to the balcony, which juts out an angle to account for the house not being in line with the street. It can only fit two tables, but this outdoor platform gives a greater sense of space than most other balconies in this part of town. Weirdly, you can peer between the tree leaves and fairy lights at the local gym opposite if you want.

Juices are fresh and delicious, we didn’t try anything else.

Address: 92B Tho Nhuom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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