Possibly the coziest café in Hanoi, Lyl’s boasts a room full of comfortable sofas and just the right amount of charming clutter.

Lyl’s is a combination of a dainty tea house and the low-lit hangout that every teenager has ever wanted. The front of the café sports clean-cut decor, a large bright window and an impressive menu, filled with exotic fruit shakes and smoothies.

Step into the back room and you’ll find a cozy lilac den lined with L-shaped sofas and low modern coffee tables. There’s a few comfy cushions and even a fireplace too. (The fireplace doesn’t work but the visual is comforting, nonetheless.) And, although this area is only a couple of steps lower than the rest of the café, it feels like an underground hideout.

It’s not a place to work, it’s purely for socialising, snuggling or reading, and perilously close to becoming Hanoi’s premier napping spot, rivalling Xofa‘s makeshift beds. There also appears to be some kind of fashion boutique at the top of the winding staircase, but we must admit we didn’t check as we were intimidated by the well-dressed customers coming and going.

Address: 158 Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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