Hopefully outshining the failed businesses that preceded it, Minh Oi brings something fresh to this fabulous building with a romantic and yet creepy atmosphere.

This part of town is full of handsome French mansions plastered in yellow of different shades. But this particular building stands out from the colonial crowd, as the owners have painted the outside charcoal grey and the window frames a lovely array of bold colors. Approaching Minh Oi is a bit like approaching a haunted house, a feeling that is cemented the moment you step inside and glance at the weird grandma furniture and scary wall murals. But the effect somehow works, and an attentive staff member (dressed in black, of course) will show you around while you choose a place to settle.

Minh Oi is probably more of a night-time venue, with a permanent stage for regular live music evenings and an environment that boarders on romantic. ‘Minh Oi’ is how Vietnamese Northerners very affectionately call to one another, so perhaps the amorous air is deliberately linked to the name. But perhaps not. No idea about the food (there’s a full menu), but the cappuccino was boring and the Vietnamese coffee was fine.

Address: 37 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem

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