This unimaginatively named hideaway is set in a lush and shady garden corner of one of Hanoi’s most striking colonial buildings- perfect for a bright and sunny day.

The aforementioned colonial building is Hanoi’s History Museum, a well arranged reflection of pre-45 Vietnamese history. Externally, this is Vietnam’s most spectacular museum and a fine example of the French fancy to blend Eastern and Western architectural styles and then coat the mongrel in yellow.

The cafe itself would be nothing special were it not for it’s incredible location and seats affording great views of the building as well as the interesting artifacts that decorate the museum garden. Powerful fans and shade from from the greenery keep you cool so even when outside is an oven, it’s still comfortable enough.

Unfortunately the cafe suffers from many of the same problems that most past-generation Hanoi cafes do- moody service, messy floors and a mediocre drinks menu. But the prices are standard, the coffee is adequate and the smoothie list is extensive, so the drinks still do the job. Regardless, the reason to come is all in the name.

Address: 1b Pham Ngu Lao, Hoan Kiem

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