Spacebar successfully blends cafe and co-working with comfortable work stations, delicious beverages and refreshingly reliable internet speeds.

An add-on to the increasingly well-known Clickspace co-working office, Spacebar occupies the ground floor of a handsome modern mansion in the heart of Hanoi’s expat enclave. It’s quiet, laid-back, and there’s no need to worry about pesky monthly membership fees as co-owners Jason, Jody and CK aim to create somewhere suited to the more temperamental freelancer. Having only opened in April of 2015, Spacebar is still young and they are developing things as they go.

Without a coherent design concept there is a somewhat disjointed feeling about Spacebar- the wooden tables are probably a little too bright for the industrial-chic chairs and they are still grappling with how to keep the walls alive. But spend some time here and its easy to see why certain decisions were made. The furniture pieces are all solid and practical, with broad tables on which to spread your shit and a range of comfortable seating options to suit your mood and stress levels.

The music situation couldn’t be better. A careful selection of recognizable yet un-overplayed tunes play from the speakers just loud enough to be sensed, but not so loud that you can’t tune into your own audio library with some headphones instead. Drinks are also good, with decent coffee, great juices, and a healthy selection of alcoholic beverages that can be summoned should the day require it.

Clickspace has come a long way since pioneering Hanoi co-working in 2013, but opening Spacebar is undoubtedly the best move yet in making the place more user friendly. Spacebar may have a little bit further to go, but for now things are already looking up. Watch this space.

House 15, Lane 76, To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho.


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