Surrounded by some of Hanoi’s most regal residential buildings is Tang Tret Cosmo, the 2nd installment in what has the potential to become a series of brilliant cafes.

Ever dreamt of quitting your day job and persuading your mates to open up a cafe? That’s precisely what ms. Lan did with Tang Tret Cosmo, and the result has not only been a lovely little cafe, but the creation of a burgeoning community of artists, designers, and their boutiques and studios. From the street it may seem as if Tang Tret Cosmo is tiny, but looks can be deceiving in Hanoi, and the cafe goes much further back to occupy a number of cozy rooms, each with just a handful of tables.

“We wanted a place that was comfortable for almost anyone but still with character- nothing too industrial,” says ms. Lan.

Deviating from industrial has paid off, as the designers have made good use of the original features of the house, such as the long wooden shutters and chessboard floor tiles. The coffee menu is extensive and the quality is high, and their signature apple mulled tea is interesting and delicious. Good job ms. Lan (and the others, whoever you are). Tang Tret Cosmo is also the jumping off point for Sophie’s Art Tour, one of Hanoi’s most engaging tourist experiences.

Address: 10 Khuc Hao, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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