The Cafe (not spelt with a ‘K’) has good air-con, excellent coffee and heart-shaped booths- what more could you want?

A quick glance around The Cafe reveals that a lot of time, effort (and money) has gone into designing this place. An argument can be made that the fake trees and intimate love pads are a step too far. But the first time we enjoyed sitting under the fake shade from a fake tree and the second time we enjoyed the privacy of a booth. So we will make no such argument.

It is a good thing that a lot of time, effort (and money, by the looks of their handsome coffee machine) has also been put into the drinks. The coffee is great, and the fresh fruit juices are served with sugar syrup on the side- always a good sign. There is also a small menu of basic snacks and deserts.

Address: 443 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Hanoi



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