Beauty comes at a price in The Lissom Parlour, as the expensive menu reflects the thought that has gone into even the tiniest detail.

It is inexplicable that Hanoi Hideaway has come this far without reviewing a coffee shop on infamous Nguyen Huu Huan Street. Cafe competition is fierce in this part of town, but that doesn’t stop a fresh new cafe popping up each week vying for the attention of mostly pocket-pinching Hanoi youths. Instead of joining the fray, The Lissom Parlous has done the unthinkable (for Vietnam): it has implemented astronomically high pricing to keep out the riffraff. A coffee here will set you back three or four times as much as outside…

But the costs only reflect the reality, as this place has been gracefully, thoughtfully and expensively put together. Everything is dignified and beautiful, from their illustrious cakes to the slick staff uniforms to the neat little no smoking signs. The attention to detail is unrelenting, and perhaps unparalleled in Hanoi. The drinks are also excellent. They use LavAzza coffee, which is nothing special, but their handsome little coffee machine and expert barista craft genuinely delicious cappuccinos, lattes, and the like. Finally a place that doesn’t serve up a burnt watery mess thinking it’s good Western coffee.

Address: 68 Nguyen Huu Hua, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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