Tiny is clearly a café with a good sense of humor, seeing as it’s three times the size of most Hanoian cafés with a drinks menu just as large. 

Boasting a bright yellow exterior, charming green and red shutters, and more than one sign, Tiny is hard to miss. Despite the name, the café is not small in the slightest. This mansion-sized coffee shop has three spacious floors each filled with plenty of seating. There’s a number of sofas and benches, which are ideal for groups, as well as a small balcony on the top floor.

The decor is simple and traditional; tiled floors, exposed brick walls and wooden furniture. There’s a few paintings and plants on show, along with shelves full of dusty books. However, the most appealing wall art has to be the extensive drinks list by the coffee counter on a long chalk board. The menu is nothing short of marvellous, including a number of flavored coffee blends, smoothies and matcha drinks. And there are all the usual regulars, such as Vietnamese black coffee and extra sweet lemon juice.

Address: 11 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Dien Bien, Ba Dinh

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