A crisp and spacious interior coupled with a trendy, urbanite clientele and a view of the city skytrain to be… Toast ‘n Tea affords a glimpse of the Hanoi of the future.

The industrial chic interior design movement, a style that is currently enjoying unprecedented popularity in Saigon, is also starting to make serious headway in Hanoi. Things have even gotten slightly out of hand as cafe designers install fake air vents and functionless copper piping to give that edgy factory look. Thankfully, Toast ‘n Tea is not one of these places- although obviously inspired by the trend, all the exposed wiring does seem to serve a purpose.

Floor to ceiling windows are everywhere, admitting enormous amounts of natural light into the mollifying interior. There is a large selection of seating options, almost all of which are comfortable. And the drinks are tasty and freshly prepared. There is also a tempting menu of reasonably priced Vietnamese and western food favourites to tuck into if feeling hungry.

On the whole there is a lot to like about Toast ‘n Tea, even if it could appear in any (wannabe) modern city in the world. So if you can’t stand the seemingly unstoppable force that is thrusting Hanoi towards a possibly lackluster future then avoid Toast ‘n Tea at all costs. But if you’re wanting somewhere spacious and comfortable, with good drinks and a calming environment, then this might just be the place.

Address: 15 Hoang Cau, Dong Da, Hanoi

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