Tracce is a charming tiled café-cum-music venue in a unique hidden building.

One of the most appealing parts of Tracce is the building itself. Fronted by a wall lined with barbed wire, an almost empty car park and a long-forgotten basketball net, it isn’t much to look at, at first. However, the building itself sports a classic cheerful yellow exterior along with an unusual patterned façade. Inside, you are met with what appears to be a building that is 90% staircase. And, unlike lots of Hanoian architecture, it is spacious and open-plan. The floor is covered with green patterned tiles and, depending on what time you visit, light flooks through the unique building front.

At the top of the stairs, there is a large sign and a tiny door to the café, which we got stuck in on our way in and out. (A word to the wise, shuffle in sideways without your backpack on.) Inside, the two-floor café is adorned with more delightful colorful tiles, on both the floor and the walls. The bottom floor is a cozy sofa-filled room with a balcony big enough for a group. It looks like it was once a couple of different rooms of an apartment, but it is now an open-plan area with a few random pillars.

The top floor is a spacious area with large panelled windows, bar stools and a stage. Tracce is a self-proclaimed café-cum-music venue that hosts regular gigs, and often draws quite a crowd for a small place. The café also serves an array of drinks along with food and desserts. The miniature counter of desserts looks a little underwhelming but the cakes are deceptively delicious!

Address: Ngo 34, Van Bao, Ba Dinh

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