This peaceful three-story café has a two-fold appeal with its unusual architecture spilling into an otherwise clean-cut, modern space.

This Tranquil may look rather familiar to Hanoi Hideaway frequenters for more than one reason. The café not only boasts a striking two-story window, a memorable feature of what was once Deci Dela, it is also sister to the original Tranquil in Hoan Kiem.

Here, you’ll find the blissful peace and quiet of the original Tranquil, along with the café’s signature giant bookcase and impressive choice of books (both Vietnamese and English). However, instead of a simple one-room space, you’ll be met with three floors of silence (most of the time).

The first floor has a comfortable sofa next to the larger-than-life window and a large table, perfect for co-working. (We suggest working here rather than socialising as there is the tendency to get ‘shushed’.) The second floor has lots of sturdy tables and chairs, perfect for writing, drawing or laptop work. And, on the third floor, the rooftop, you’ll find floor seating and a few stools. You’re also free to chat as loud as you please here, so it’s a perfect spot to go for a break if work is getting to you.

The second Tranquil is an unusual amalgamation of historic French architecture and Vietnamese style. The quirky combination, of course, is part of the reason the café is so intriguing, and not just a carbon copy of its sister café. Another difference from the original Tranquil is the crowd that the café attracts. What may have initially been intended as a hot spot for quiet chats and book reading has been adopted by many of the city’s freelancers and students. This is unsurprising with such a choice of desk-space, abundant light and softly-spoken staff. However, if you turn up on the weekend, there will occassionally be someone playing piano, and in the evening, the music volume definitely goes up a few notches.

Address: 18B Nguyen Bieu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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