Tranquil is an understatement in describing this blissful one-room hideaway, where it’s all too easy to forget about it all and escape into a world of your own.

From Nam the Man who brought us Nha San comes this entirely different conceptual creation to his first masterpiece over in Ba Dinh. This time he’s in Hoan Kiem, and he’s teamed up with fellow coffee enthusiast Tuan Anh, who also happens to be passionate about creating ‘a warm, friendly and cozy cafe, where books are accumulated and friendships are built.’

If that adorably written phrase wasn’t enough to convince you then the coffee surely will. The western variety may not be quite there (it rarely is in Hanoi so just get over it) but the Vietnamese coffee (derivative) is beyond spectacular. Choose between freshly dripped brewed coffee and espresso technology to mix with condensed milk and revel in the resultant smooth and silky oral pleasure. If that makes the experience sound erroneously erotic, that’s because it is.

Address: 5 Nguyen Quang Bich, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi (down the alleyway and on the left, park outside and ask for a wheel lock)001004003005009008006002007010011012013014015

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