A sparkling diamond within the urban rough, Xoan is an exceptional coffee house with a lovely leafy garden.

A little out of the way, unless of course for some dreadful reason you need to venture into nearby Royal City, Cafe Xoan is testament to the fact that many of Hanoi’s greatest spots are found in the most unlikely places. Don’t be fooled by the Xoan on the main road – you need to go down the alley to the right to find this golden treasure. Enter through one of two holes in the wall to a secret garden tiled in red, canopied in green and walled in by yellow.

But don’t stop there no matter how tempted you are- like all of Hanoi’s great hidden gems, you need to have a good look around before finally settling down. So traverse the goldfish pond and explore this faded dwelling with its winding staircases, interconnected cubby holes and hauntingly beautiful music. Once you’ve decided on a spot, sit back, order your coffee, and be reminded that Hanoi’s unparalleled charm won’t ever be quelled- even in these dystopian surroundings.

Address: 5 ngõ 411 Trường Chinh, Dong Da, Hanoi

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