Depending on your preference, style, and maybe age, you’ll either find Zephyr refreshingly classic or insipidly old-fashioned. Just like the building itself, try and look on the bright side.

This gleaming white Art Deco style structure seems out of place in the ever-present shadow of Vincom, central Hanoi’s most successful monument to corporations and commercialism. But it works to have a calm space in which to retreat from this endlessly noisy neighborhood when you need to. Disappointingly, the structure isn’t old, but the architects have pieced together a neat, no-nonsence cafe with no frills but a certain type of personality.

With its cliche paintings, weird and cheesy music, and low-down lounge chairs, it is difficult to shake the feeling that you’re in a hotel lobby when sitting in Zephyr. But that seems to be the atmosphere they’re going for, and it works well if all you want (or need) to do is sit down somewhere quiet and spacious and do some work. There are even some VIP (i.e. private) rooms upstairs that can be used it you’re in need of a meeting spot. The drinks, and in particular the juices, are great- but they aren’t cheap.

189 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi001002003004005006007008010011012013015016017018019

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